Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Word

Right now, based on Regional Scores...and the idea of "If Performed At Peak" Scores...Cal, Laval, MIT, Minnesota, Cal Poly, UTEPMichigan and UC Davis are right up there at the Top come Clemson.  More Regionals to come:

Great Lakes @ Bradley University: April 19-21
Metro @ NYCC of Technology: April 20-22
MidCon @ Nebraska, Lincoln: April 19-21
Upstate NY @ Clarkson/SUNY Canton: April 19-21

MidAtlantic @ Lafayette College: April 27-29
PNWRC @ Washington/Seattle U: April 26-28


  1. FYI: The NSSBC Location Polls are in the Round 1 Stage...the Top 3 or 4 winners of each Poll will go up against each other in Round 2...and there will be a final in Round 3 between 6 to 8 different locations...Full vote tallies will be posted.

  2. There will be 4 First Round Playoffs...don't worry Bay Area, you will be included in the #4 Poll. 2nd Round Polls will commence on Sunday most likely. As of right now it's looking like Miami, Seattle, Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Portland, Manoa, Chicago, Tempe, NOLA, Boston, SLO and possibly Pittsburgh are in the next stage. Again, Round 1, Poll #4 coming. I like the polls to hit about 18+ votes before the next one.

  3. any links to the results pages to see the scores these schools received?

  4. I might add University of Minnesota to that list. Looks like they took first place ahead of Lakehead in the Midwest Region