Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's Picnic Day 2012!

Get Down!

Any updates from the Regionals going on this weekend comment here...should have an updated Blog by 7 pm PT tonight.


  1. Berkeley going rogue with protected midpac results at

  2. Ha ha, that's awesome actually. I'll just say this, Berkeley is very strong. Davis is too if they can clean everything up.

  3. What is berkeley so afraid of they should release the results openly like everyone else

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  5. I honestly don't know why most other conferences started releasing results in the first place. Never used to be the norm...however, MidPac never seemed to waiver from the fact that MidPac business remains MidPac business. Besides, the NSSBC is a totally different animal. The judging is better and the deflection measurement is consistent (lateral and vertical).

    1. truth to the matter too is that if scores are released, then it is not fair for schools competing earlier than others, say for instance the texas mexico region... I still don't understand why they compete two full months before everyone else.... props to UTEP, Texas A&M and UAEM!

      I'm sure everyone and their mothers saw those scores...and that leaves them in disadvantage in a way because everyone else has someone to reference from

  6. So many readers named Anonymous. I feel like I'm being hacked.

  7. IF Berkley is "strong," how strong is "Strong."
    Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's score is phenomenal and I'm mystified how they did it. Anybody else with Mid-pac updates?