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Holla Reno!


Bigger Hammer?

Just remember, a bigger hammer isn't always the best solution, but it sure is a lot of fun.

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Your Team

You, yes You...and Your Team Have the Power to Accomplish Whatever You Desire for Yourselves.

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You Gotta Cowboy Up!

Milwaukee Iron


San Jo Still Knows

Rose Hulman

For what it's worth, nice site:


Beaver Fever



Lafayette, sorta

Watch Out For KSU

Somebody has their stuff together in Manhattan.

Cyclones Up To Speed As Always...

SERC 2012



UCSD Steelzie Bridgie

LBC 2011 Gallery


Going Strong.

They Found Them

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Keep On Plowin' Kids...



WSU Student Profile (PNWRC)

Nothing wrong with farm boy engineers!!!  Love it!  For the record, the Pacific Northwest Regional will be going off as a joint venture between the UW Huskies and the Seattle U Redhawks from April 26-April 28th.

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Old School Fundraising

The good old days in the early 2000's...Pirate's Life all year long...

Western PA Missing a Bridge

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Quick Shout Out... Jessica Revell.  Jessica was an integral part of the 2006-2008 Chrome Ollie teams, of which one placed 2nd Overall at Northridge and 3rd Overall at Gainesville.  Jess is now studying for her M.S. at The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  Congratulations!!!  Study Hard and let's rebuild America!!!

Bucky Gettin' Twitty Wit' It!/uwsteelbridge

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Get Ready...

...looks like the 77 Nation Army in Berkeley is down for an overhaul...a Big One!

Again, I know this webby has been slacking, but things are going to change...if you want to draw some attention to your site, don't be afraid to comment here!

Good Stuff from Blacksburg

Pretty Genius

UTSA Steel Bridge Hosts Casino Night

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Arizona State Steel Bridge

Sun Devil Steel Bridge

Seeing as how the UC Davis Aggies are at Tempe tonight...(en route to the slaughter)...ASU has updated a nice, new, groovy SB page for your viewing pleasure.

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Go to School

Man, some whopper decisions coming up on the analysis eh? Just remember there are solutions all around you, think fast.

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On Deck

Coming soon to neighbor our humble leaders of the NSSBC:

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Just remember that lateral may look harmless, a little bitty 0.5", but don't take it lightly. Make friends with it, accept it, have fun with it, but don't disrespect it.

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What's Hotter than July Mr. Wonder?

The 2012 NSSBC Rules Release Party Baby.

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Slow days at the office...if anybody has anything to add, nothing will be spared. Happy Summer.

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Gators Change Up

Florida rocks an updated ASCE site, Steel Bridge too!

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For the Record

Bravo NSSBC Rules Committee for the major 2011 Overhaul. It was a great way for up and coming teams to make their mark, and a good way for teams who have been nibbling in the Top 10 to come through and shine. Not to mention the fact that lateral/seismic/wind/hurricane loads have finally been addressed as a primary concern. Bravo.

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Fairbanks Practice

Nice speedthrough video by UAF:

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NCCC in Evansville

Good Luck to all those competing in two weeks out in SW Indiana.

School Conference Canoe Name Canoe Color(s) Canoe
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoPacific SouthwestCetaceaWhite and blue

20 ft, 208 lbs

California State Polytechnic University, PomonaPacific SouthwestTomoeWhite

20 ft, 180 lbs

Clemson UniversityCarolinasW.I.T.White exterior with sunset interior

20 ft, 176 lbs

École de technologie supérieureUpstate New YorkTurning PointGray, brown and black

20 ft, 230 lbs

Fairmont State UniversityVirginiasBackboneBlack and white

20 ft, 302 lbs

Florida Institute of TechnologySoutheastThe Final CountdownBlack, blue and green

20 ft, 151 lbs

Louisiana Tech UniversityDeep SouthSwamp WaterGreen and brown

20 ft, 405 lbs

Michigan Technological UniversityNorth CentralFrontierWhite with red, light blue &
light green

20 ft, 164 lbs

Minnesota State University, MankatoMidwestINGENIIUMGray with purple and white specks

20 ft, 273 lbs

Ohio Northern UniversityNorth CentralNanookFaded white

20 ft, 240 lbs

Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyMetropolitanKnight RiderBlack and red

20 ft, 230 lbs

Université LavalNew EnglandVoltageBlack, purple and blue

20 ft, 100 lbs

University at Buffalo, The State University of New YorkUpstate New YorkHerculeanWhite and black

20 ft, 300 lbs

University of AkronOhio ValleyBootleggerWhite with decorative acid stains

20 ft, 206 lbs

University of California, BerkeleyMid-PacificCyBearWhite, black and green

20 ft, 290 lbs

University of Evansville2011 HostCrux ScutumWhite

20 ft, 309 lbs

University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignGreat LakesThe CementeryBlack

20 ft, 230 lbs

University of Nevada - RenoMid-PacificBlack DiamondBlue, black and brown

20 ft, 146 lbs

University of OklahomaMid-ContinentWild Mary SudikCrimson, white and black

20 ft, 325lbs

University of Pittsburgh at JohnstownMid-AtlanticInfamyBlack and green

20 ft, 260 lbs

University of Texas at AustinTexas-MexicoCarnival CanoeMulti-colored20 ft, 203 lbs
University of Wisconsin - MadisonGreat LakesElementSea blue and charcoal

20 ft, 191 lbs

Utah State UniversityRocky MountainThe TributeBrown and blue

20 ft, 325 lbs

Washington State UniversityPacific NorthwestProduct CrimsonCrimson and white with gray

20 ft, 200 lb


Sitting here pondering the design change possibilites for next year...

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LU College of Engineering Write Up

Very good write up...
...unlike the Georgia Tech one.
I keed, I keed...

( is very cool to have faculty who give a damn...)

NSSBC Vid and Article

come on y'all, let's get stupid!

If You're Not First, You're Second

Good job y'all. A focused, dedicated effort will do it...everytime.

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Well, that's enough posting for to the gym...damn rain. Here's to you and yours from the Lovely Island. You will have a place to stay during the Zombie Apocalypse...good luck getting across, however, all the Bridges will be raised.

Guin Grin

WSU Strikes Again...

MIT, Among the Top Yet Again!

Cases for NSSBC Hosting Sites (Part 2)

Miami, FL
One of the most recognizable skylines in the entire world, South Florida in general would offer a lot in way of fun for a NSSBC. Outside of Miami proper you've got Marathon and Key West, very entertaining and gorgeous sites to attract some R&R after a long Steel Bridge season. Deep sea fishing, the Beaches, and of course, the 1,484,992 nightclubs to go get your drink and freak on. There is hurricane season to worry about, but in late May there shouldn't be too much to worry about, as hurricane season "officially" starts on June 1st. Florida Atlantic, Florida International and The U could possibly pool efforts to bring a dynamite NSSBC to the greater Miami area.

Baton Rouge, LA
Strong college town with a unique southern flavor. Proximity to New Orleans without being in New Orleans is the biggest plus. Strong engineering program at LSU with perhaps some help from UNO, this could be a Cajun paradise for an NSSBC, just don't forget to bring the rust proofer. Can also jet along the Gulf coastline to Lafayette, Lake Charles, Beaumont and Houston to the West...Gulfport, Biloxi, Mobile and Pensacola to the East. NSSBC in the Maravich Center?

Bozeman, MT
Where? Why? If for nothing else, for the proximity to Yellowstone Park. Montana State may not have the student power to pull it off, so perhaps the students at Montana Tech in Butte could share the burden. Bozeman and Butte are both beautiful frontier towns, and if you haven't seen Southern Montana or Yellowstone in late spring, early summer, it's gorgeous. Average weather can be cool and perhaps even a hair rainy, but by in large the temperatures are nothing extreme on average. This could be a case for a mid to late June NSSBC, give the local weather a chance to warm up. This is a Big Sky, enjoy the country type of's all about seeing some beautiful country, meeting and establishing great relationships with awesome people and focusing on the competition.

San Jose, CA (Bay Area)
Not located smack dab in the middle of Bay Area craziness, San Jose hosts a young, technologically advanced mix of culture in the South Bay. Home of the San Jose Sharks, the San Jose Earthquakes and of course, the San Jose State University Spartans, you're in one of the best locations for a NSSBC. They are a hop skip up the 101/280 to San Francisco, or the 880 to Oakland/Berkeley, and across the mountain on 17 lies the Pacific Coastline and lovely Santa Cruz, CA, or if you're feeling adventurous, you can jet even further down the coastline on Highway 1 to Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur. To make it even better, SJSU has one of the best spirited ASCE Student Chapters west of the Mississippi. Typically, the weather is dry and temperate, but there can be patches of rain that come through in May. One last thing: WINE.