Friday, May 30, 2014

Shout out to M.I.T.

MIT finished in 2nd Place Overall this year...for the third straight season...this coming off a 5th Place Overall Bridge in 2011.  That is a TREMENDOUS run of success and MIT is clearly knocking on the door of a NSSBC Championship, which would be the first in the New England Regional's history.

Keep bringin' it Engineers!

National Champions Breakdown (By Conference)

#NCs = 7 (Cal - 3, UC Davis - 2, Nevada - 1, CSU Chico - 1)

#NCs = 7 (North Dakota State - 6, Lakehead - 1)

North Central
#NCs = 2 (Michigan - 1, Michigan State - 1)

Upstate New York:
#NCs = 2 (SUNY Canton - 1, Rensselaer Poly. - 1

Pacific Northwest:
#NCs = 2 (UA Fairbanks - 1, UA Anchorage - 1)

#NCs = 1 (Florida - 1)

#NCs = 1 (Clemson - 1)

Deep South:
#NCs = 1 (Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana - 1)

Pictures From Akron

If anybody out there has some good online galleries of the festivities and competition held in Akron last weekend, feel free to comment and share!

10 Signs You're a NSSBC Nerd

1. You're sick of sifting through links about the Steel Bridge Songfest while doing NSSBC recon.
2. You're tired of the joke "Truss Us".
3. You've said the word "Brizzage".
4. You have 37 different jokes about 'erections'...not one has to deal with human anatomy.
5. Going temporarily blind due to weld exposure doesn't feel abnormal anymore.
6. You've had a physical altercation with graduate students over space in a structures lab.
7. When you read any acronym labeled ETS, you think École De Technologie Supérieure.
8. You've had to break up with somebody because, "They just couldn't understand."
9. A required all-nighter isn't that big of a deal anymore.
10. You have calluses from excessive bolting practice.

Any others?  
Feel free to comment.

SUNY Canton Finishes 13th Overall


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

UC Davis Aggie Press: Post-NSSBC

From Doug Scott @ ASCE HQ: Link

From UC Davis Civil Engineering: Link

MidPac 2014

Wow, the Mid-Pacific had 3 of the top 6 Regional Overall scores before Akron.

Tongji, were they even invited?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

UMKC Welcome

must say...that is a very good intro video...

Oregon State Finding Their Way Back...

9th Place Overall in Akron!

Go Beavs!

Monday, May 26, 2014

California Chrome

Going for the Triple Crown on June 7th at the Belmont Stakes!  Go Chrome Go!

Happy Memorial Day

Honoring Those Who Gave All In Service To The United States of America.

Thank You.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pitt Johnstown Run in Akron

Akron Write Up (

Link Here: ZipPower   

28 Signs You Grew Up in Kansas City

I guess Manoa, Berkeley and Cambridge are just going to have to keep waiting it out!


Here's Missouri S&T ripping out their run, 3rd Place Construction Speed, 2nd Place Economy...35th Overall.

Akron is in Good Hands

Saturday, May 24, 2014

UC Davis Run in Akron

Final Scores

Danke Bart Quimby:
Linkimus Maximus Akronius

Congratulations to UMKC!


The Top 3

1st Place Overall:  The University of California, Davis


2nd Place Overall:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology


3rd Place Overall:  The University of California, Berkeley 

Wolverine Loading

The Maize and Blue load their design earlier today.

¡Viva México!

Weighed and Measured!

NSSBC 2014 Testing Complete!

The highly competitive University of Florida design gets the honors of closing out Akron's efforts on the floor!  

Thank you Zips! ...and Gooooooooo Gators!

Get Shorty


Interesting decision to not go with a built up deck beam...saves bolts.

Georgia Tech Setting Up

It's the Final Countdown...The Yellow Jackets will make their run and end official times for 2014 NSSBC Assembly.  Great Job Everybody!

Cal Poly Can Relax

Great Job Mustangs!

Random Notes

It's mid-afternoon in Akron.

WPI says 1.1" deflection for their design

Puerto Rico, Mayaguez practicing before the "Show"

The Wu Tang Span loads, On Wisconsin!

View from the floor

Wisconsin Madison on Display Day

The Ags and Poly Load

Aggies at 8:27...two penalties reported...not their best effort today on the Construction Site.

78 lbs. for UC Davis -- Deflection is in the sealed envelope apparently...


Looking Fancy...and very similar to Wisconsin Madison 2007

Make a Name

Good Luck to all the Underdogs today!

Cal Poly Pomona Kicks Off

Friday, May 23, 2014

Chrome O on Scene in Akron

Georgia Tech

Ramblin Wreck is ready:

The Field

Poly be chillin' (


Hawai'i, Manoa sets up:

Youngstown SBT

The Penguins are up and ready!


Judges Training Luncheon underway...

great legs Chief

National Field (List)


"Release the krAkron!"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

One Week

Getting down to the wire now... off to UC Davis practice today.  Time has dropped dramatically, will it be enough?

Akron NSSBC 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Poly's In...

Article courtesy of Mustang News

Congrats to Cal Poly, SLO...survived the witch hunt.

They add their extremely light and competitive design to the Top of the National field in Akron.

Going to be a close NSSBC...unless one of the top Teams puts in extra hours.