Friday, May 30, 2014

10 Signs You're a NSSBC Nerd

1. You're sick of sifting through links about the Steel Bridge Songfest while doing NSSBC recon.
2. You're tired of the joke "Truss Us".
3. You've said the word "Brizzage".
4. You have 37 different jokes about 'erections'...not one has to deal with human anatomy.
5. Going temporarily blind due to weld exposure doesn't feel abnormal anymore.
6. You've had a physical altercation with graduate students over space in a structures lab.
7. When you read any acronym labeled ETS, you think École De Technologie Supérieure.
8. You've had to break up with somebody because, "They just couldn't understand."
9. A required all-nighter isn't that big of a deal anymore.
10. You have calluses from excessive bolting practice.

Any others?  
Feel free to comment.

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