Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updation Nation

 Steel Willie  
 SUNY Canton 
 Wisconsin Madison 
 LSU (Swept Regional) 
 UC Berkeley (Swept Regional) 
 UC Davis 
 Ramblin' Wreck 
 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Swept Regional) 
 Cal State Northridge 
 University of Minnesota Twin Cities 
 Iowa State 
 Michigan Tech 
 WVU Tech 
 Catholic University
 Université Laval
 Colorado School of Mines 
 Utah State 
 University of Akron 
 Youngstown State University 
 University of Louisville 
 Texas A and M, College Station 
 Universidad de Autónoma 


  1. Any news on what the load cases were for the New England region?

    Laval & MIT's scores weren't far behind UC Berkely and it'd be both interesting and informative to know how they were loaded

  2. I guess we'll just find out at Clemson.