Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update Me

 Here's Who Competed This Weekend (hangovers suck don't they?) 

Great Lakes @ Bradley University: April 19-21
Metro @ NYCC of Technology: April 20-22
MidCon @ Nebraska, Lincoln: April 19-21
Upstate NY @ Clarkson/SUNY Canton: April 19-21

 SUNY Canton 
 Wisconsin Madison 
 LSU (Swept Regional) 
 UC Berkeley (Swept Regional) 
 UC Davis 
 Ramblin' Wreck 
 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Swept Regional) 
 Cal State Northridge 
 University of Minnesota Twin Cities 
 Iowa State 
 Michigan Tech 
 WVU Tech 
 Catholic University
 Université Laval
 Colorado School of Mines 
 Utah State 
 University of Akron 
 Youngstown State University 
 University of Louisville 
 Texas A and M, College Station 
 Universidad de Autónoma 


  1. So all the conferences have already happened?

  2. There are two more next weekend. The Mid-Atlantic at Lafayette College and the Pacific Northwest in Seattle.

    1. cool thanks man, by next weekend we will probably know all the invitees for the big dance!

  3. News from SUNY Canton...


  5. Had Purdue slid their bridge away from the edge of the foundation easement, they would have swept the regional competition. They were the only ones to have a cantilever deflection less than 1/2". Hope they appeal to get to the national competition.

    1. That's the brutality of the NSSBC! Personally i don't think the appeal should be granted, making sure your bridge is inside the envelope when time is called is just as important as meeting deflection limits.

      Bummer Purdue...maybe next year.

      Who else qualified from this region?

    2. Holy UC Berkley! The mid-pac results are up and they are looking insanely good!

  6. Regarding MidPac...UC Davis had hella penalties...they completed their MidPac effort on the tailend of finals week...the PMs slept about 20 hours the final two weeks to get their design up to snuff...quite frankly, the Ags feel lucky and fortunate to be qualified for Clemson., but the hard work HAS paid off, and that's a testament to their preparedness. They are making every effort to update their design to get up to a level that is maximally competitive come late May. Those numbers from Cal are coming off a relatively late build for the Bears. The humanpower in Berkeley is phenomenal, and their project management is very sound, as is their design...I'd be hard pressed to find a better overall Steel Bridge Team in Clemson, SC than Cal at the moment. The Lateral Will Out.

    1. Berkeley really looks strong, I saw that myself and from what I've seen from news of other regions, no one has come close to match their might... we'll see what happens at the NSSBC!


      another guest for the party!

  7. Looks like NJIT and NY City Tech are joining the fun at Clemson.