Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From a Special Correspondent...

...near Golden, CO:

List of currently Qualified Teams, any additions or subtractions that have been confirmed would be welcome!

updated 4/5/12 ... 1:40 pm PT

 UC Berkeley (Swept Regional)
 UC Davis 
 Ramblin' Wreckc
 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Swept Regional) 
 Cal State Northridge 
 University of Minnesota Twin Cities 
 Iowa State 
 Virginia Tech  
 WVU Tech 
 Catholic University 
 Université Laval 
 Colorado School of Mines 
 Utah State 
 University of Akron 
 Youngstown State University 
 University of Louisville 
Texas A and M, College Station 
 Universidad de Autónoma 


  1. would Tongii not participate??

    1. if there were at least 11 there should be no problem for Tongii

  2. I think it's an international thing...ASCE Student Chapter necessity...were there enough Bridges at MidPac to warrant a 3rd Place NSSBC Qualification?

  3. Was Tongii in good standing with ASCE? The rules say a "guest" team can compete but can not qualify for nationals. Not sure if they were a guest or not, I assume yes. We need 11 non guest teams to send 3 to nationals. Let's keep the info flowin and the list growin!

    1. hopefully they are not guests! that way we can see schools from China, Canada and Mexico!!!

  4. Looks like Miami and Ann Arbor have taken the lead...fyi, there will be a couple more polls like this coming up...this is round 1, there will be elimination rounds to follow, with previous weeks winners going against one another. Bienvenido a Miami?!

  5. Actually at MidPac, one of the schools didn't submit their engineering ethics paper. Which means there were only 10 schools that could have gone to nationals. If all the schools submitted their papers I think Tongji would have been able to go

  6. Ouch, sucks for Tongji...what the hell, do the damn biz y'all!

    1. wow.... that is really bad for Tongii hopefully everyone turns in everything for the Texo Mexo so the mexican school can go... we will find out in two weeks, there were 11 schools at the tex mex too I believe

  7. Add Clemson and Georgia Tech to the list... according to this video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQptfK8yquI

    Clemson got first and GT second....

  8. Universite Laval

    Add these guys as the winners of the New England region. Topping MIT and UNH, Watch Out!

  9. Replies
    1. Michigan Tech finished second on the North Central region behind Michigan