Friday, May 18, 2012

Word From Chromesville

A significant transformation of the Chrome Ollie design has been in action for a while now and practice continues.  The Ags will conduct a "Pro Day" tomorrow, Saturday, May 18th at Bainer Hall in preparation for the 2012 Clemson NSSBC.

Pro Day will consist of a CO Alumni Rules Review...including a real time judging of all Bridge components for dimensional violation checks.  After a run, the Alumni Review will then measure the Bridge from top to bottom and end to end.  Provided everything is 100% Sound, the CO Review Team will write off on the Bridge for transport to Clemson...but of course, first things first before travel...MORE PRACTICE.

Looking forward to the challenge at Clemson.  Good Luck to everybody, especially those from from the West Coast travelling across country!


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