Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Slow News Days...

The calm before the storm.

I hope all teams are tightening their chinstraps (no disrespect to Tongji) and getting their best game together, because it's going to be a very competitive NSSBC for the Top 10 spots.  Personally, I believe it's going to come back to Economy and Lightness.  10 or 20 lbs. is huge this year, and I know there a few bridges that stand above the rest in terms of lightness but also have that constructability factor.  Keep it mistake free and you've got a chance, but don't be too careful, there's always a group of hungry young engineers going for broke right behind you.


  1. just a few more days till the big day fellas! see you all in Clemson! don't forget to write

  2. I, unfortunately won't be there, but I'll definitely have a raw feed into what is happening. All those present are of course welcome to comment here as the event unfolds. Times, weights, events, whatever, it would be great to receive word as things happen.

  3. I'll try to post as much as I can!

    we miners have an updated website as well