Thursday, May 31, 2012

NJIT Nabs 15th

The Built Not Bought controversy will be talked about for a few years after this one...but NJIT did put together a solid performance regardless.


  1. I have no respect for NJIT, who had at least one individual go around and lift up other team's bridges when they weren't looking at aesthetics to see how heavy they were. How about building some common courtesy.

  2. As a member of the NJIT team I am ashamed to hear that. I would be upset if people randomly shook the bridge, sat on it or lifted it also. On behalf of the team, I apologize for that members attitude. His stupidity does not reflect the views of the team.

  3. I am an NJIT member and I am sorry for that idiot's actions. It is not respectful and that is not the way we want to be seen at nationals. We will make sure this kind of craps stops from our team. We are better than that.