Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Stealing" a Design

Is there really time, at THIS stage of the competition, to steal another teams' design and take it to regionals or even Nationals? I find this thought amusing...I mean it's not like we're back in 2002 or 2003 when all you had was a 1 to 2 week fabrication job...things have changed haven't they?

Again, and it's the last time I'll say this: if I've accidentlly put a pic up here of your squad that you don't want...let it be known and it's off...however, beyond that, lighten up, and like a new friend recently told me "some people take this competition way too seriously." (duh, the ones that win)

side note: if you like to be pleasantly surprised at Nationals with what people have come up with, then you should read this blog. If you're looking for detailed numbers, pics of qualifiers etc. etc you should not read this blog...go search on your own. Or better still, pay the cost, and go check out a regional near you...or not near you...just go do something.


  1. I think you guys are ruining the competition for everyone. I guess it's ok to share who won the conference and qualified for nationals. Another thing is to post detailed results and/or pictures.
    If you find a picture of a bridge online, the least you should do is ask for permission. It's a matter of common courtesy. Otherwise just keep it to yourself.

  2. Show me the detailed results and pictures.

  3. furhermore, don't link this blog with UC Davis ("you guys") it's now independently run by an ex-Aggie showing love for his former institution.

  4. You must realize that a bridge can be fabricated in less than three weeks if you put enough resources to the task.

    It's very disappointing that you would forsake the hard work of so many bright students who have put countless hours into designing unique members and bridge shapes only see the ideas broadcasted for all the uncreative teams to steal prior to nationals. In the end it is "free game" to request photos from non-qualifying teams of the winners, but it seems a bit shady considering you do not post your photos. Why not just come down to the regional conferences in person? We'd love to have you and let you take photos upclose and personal over a few beers. But why make it so easy for so many garbage 1st and 2nd place teams of lesser conferences to copy the designs. Please do not post photos of the SE conference until after the end of May. Thank you.
    Former national judge and possible future national judge

  5. Again, it's understood, I'm not trying to enflame, only trying to inform and keep a sense of community among the teams competing, as I've stated time and time again, if something's up you don't like, tell me, I'll deal with it...there will be ABSOLUTELY NO DETAILED RESULTS of the Southeast Conference, nor pictures...as there aren't nor haven't been any on here from the beginning. First round in West Lafayette is on me.

  6. If you're a team still looking for a bridge design at this point you are reaching big time and have no chance, no chance of winning at nationals. Anyone who has competed at the highest levels of this competition understands that it takes nine months of dedicated work towards a common goal; with your whole team working to refine your structural concept, fabrication processes, and construction sequence to come up with the caliber of bridges that it takes to win at NSSBC.

  7. I don't understand what everyone is getting so angry about. Please tell me who posts the pictures...uh, the schools that built them! If you don't want people to see your bridge until regionals, don't post pictures. I get the nature of the competition, but to think that your design is going to be copied, and properly built in a month or less is ridiculous. How mad would the same people be if I traveled to the regionals, and posted my closeups after returning? Of course I love seeing spoiler photos to get an indication of the competition, but my schools budget is not infinite, and my team/advisors would hang me if I suggested to wait until I saw other bridge before building mine. I did a lot of work during the summer and fall, and it would suck if somehow a team benefited from photos of my bridge. But if I was the one who posted them on the WORLD WIDE web, who can be to blame. Isn't this lesson the same one parents are telling their kids about facebooks photos?

    Lighten up and have some fun. It's a friendly design competition, not the cold war.