Monday, March 22, 2010

Midwest Results: V.2010

1st Place Overall: Lakehead University
2nd Place Overall: North Dakota State University
3rd Place Overall: Iowa State University

Longer, more detailed account of the events in Brookings to follow...but I will say that several weight penalties of the BOX variety were laid down on the Bison...Lakehead for the most part was clean throughout the competition, but it seems to this author that with some Mr. Clean work, the Bison have the better bridge at this point (in a penalty free head-to-header).

1st Economy - NDSU
1st Efficiency - Lakehead
1st Lightness - Iowa State
1st Stiffness - Lakehead
1st Speed - Lakehead
1st Display - Iowa State


  1. It was announced at the competition that Minnesota - Twin Cities placed 1st in display, but this was an error.

    Iowa State University was actually the top finisher in display.

  2.'s funny how those Display awards seem to get messed up way too often. Congrats Cyclones on a very aesthetically pleasing design. The Cyclone Poster also was a total bombshell, very striking.