Monday, June 3, 2013

Raw Footage

I encourage all those interested to check out this YouTube channel, a lot of old UC Davis and NSSBC footage from years past (starting from way back in 2005).  Please, don't hold any ill-will to any former UC Davis members as some of this is candid stuff, lol.  Surely there is plenty of respect across the board for anybody mentioned!


  1. Great resource, thanks

  2. thanks, yeah, back in 2007, Paperny Films from Vancouver, BC almost made the NSSBC into sort of a reality show...following teams as they were designing and building throughout they year, all this video was basically sent to Vancouver, but the idea didn't sell. The producer who contacted UC Davis eventually moved back to Australia...maybe she'll get some Aussie SBT's going!

  3. I can definitely see a documentary in all of this, maybe get one team from each region? High stress levels in the early Texas Mexico region would make great tv