Thursday, May 9, 2013

Person-Mile Awards

Okay, shout it are you getting to Seattle and how FAR are you driving/flying to get there?

For a change, the Alaskans have a relatively easy trip into the Emerald City, but for some of you in the Southeast, probably not the case.

Roll call to the Battle in Seattle!  Please Comment!

Also, congratulations to all those who qualified, and of course, congratulations to all those who didn't.  It matters to compete, some schools don't even try, and that's a shame!


  1. UTEP will fly early Thursday may 30 morning! Where is the heartwarming at??

  2. P.S. Distance from El Paso Texas, to Seattle Washington = 1847 miles

  3. University at Buffalo flying in Thursday, arriving midday. Distance: 2,110 miles.

  4. Driving 2,804 miles in a 1984 chevy tioga with 9 people