Thursday, November 22, 2012

Video Vault: 2007 NSSBC

Some key construction runs from the 
CSU Northridge NSSBC 2007.


Story behind the 2007 NSSBC.  It was an extremely close competition at the top.  I think NDSU and UC Davis were separated by something like 15 seconds in construction time for the Overall...what made it more enjoyable was that Wisconsin, and what many didn't know or don't remember, Lafayette College, were good enough to win it as well...but fell due to some mistakes.  Lakehead, Texas at Austin, SUNY Canton and Virginia Tech also performed very, very well.

Full 2007 NSSBC results:

(as with all these raw footage videos...I hold no responsibility to anything said in the background, lol)

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  1. A great year. Don't want to forget about my YSU Penguins throwing out a 1:50 raw construction time.

    A feat unlikely to be accomplished anytime soon with the current rule format. Also a special shout out to a certain steel bridge blogger who assisted with a little last minute welding at the hotel.