Monday, February 20, 2012

Word From Davis

The Aggies are trucking right along...schedule is very strong, and the Bridge looks like it'll be basically done in a matter of days.

Some quick notes on the UC Davis vibe right now:

1. Super excited about the chance to compete in Berkeley.  Davis has nothing but respect for CalASCE and is looking forward to a great weekend with their peers.

2. Not super excited about having Mid-Pac week during the tailend of quarter projects and finals, but alas, when it rains it pours.  Welcome to the real world.

3. The abundance of quality welders among the student body is one of the perqs of being at an Ag school.

4. Construction is completely unpredictable at the many scenarios to sort through, but mainly just can't wait to practice.

5. Pier frames and lateral design deserve their own committee, and will be taken beyond seriously...plans to be engaged shortly.

Hustle and Flow Ags...Hustle and Flow.

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