Sunday, May 30, 2010

Don't Hold Your Breath

Not gonna really break it down this season...unless...(see below). Hopefully y'all got some stories to bring back with you. Had a lot of fun at Purdue. Thank you Purdue (definitely put the "Boiler" in Boilermaker), still, beautiful campus, great people, fun NSSBC to be at.

Well done all!

***If there are 20+ comments wanting "NSSBC Awards", I'll do it, no repeats, ha ha, feel free to drop in your favorite part of the weekend too...and no, you can't say winning an award if you won one...Bison, Bears, T'Wolves, and the rest of y'all, talking to you ;)


  1. award me... these are nearly the best part of bridge season...i particularly enjoy the "sausage fest" award, as a past winner.

  2. How can you justify a "Sausage Fest" Award winner with no SUNY Canton there?

  3. I'm putting it out there that I'd like to see some awards too. I always look forward to seeing them every year after Nationals. No doubt the "sausage fest" and "hotties" awards are my favorites.

  4. Whoever that chick was from Colorado School of Mines (I think)...shortest shorts I've seen in a while.