Friday, September 11, 2009


...I know this blog has been off a bit, because, well, your humble narrator is working his ASS OFF! All that said, I feel it a privilege to capture the attention of the Steel Bridge Community.

I admire, and love you all. This is not an easy competition to undertake, nor is it an easy competition to be successful at. So, as you embark on this trip of all trips, remember, it ain't about how you place, it's about the journey. Journey well, and leave comments about what you excpect to achieve this season...don't forget to leave your name and your University. It's all about Pride and being true to your school.

God Bless. (Atheists and Agnostics Included)

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  1. I agree on all accounts. I bet you are working your ass off just like I am. If we were not we could be one of the unlucky millions who are on the search for jobs.

    It was definitely a journey for me and the ags for the 7 years I participated. I am just waiting so I can be one of the judges and keep the game alive.