Friday, June 19, 2009

The Last 9 Years...

From a Mid-Pac point of view, hosting, until recently, has only been done by an ASCE Student Chapter with strong, nobody is getting out of it.

2001 - UC Davis
2002 - San Jose State
2003 - Fresno State
2004 - Nevada Reno
2005 - Big Sac
2006 - Cal
2007 - San Jose State/Santa Clara
2008 - UC Davis
2009 - Nevada Reno
2010 - Chico...

There's no hiding it now, if the wee, yet extremely enthusiastic, ASCE Student Chapter at Fresno State can host, it's time for the other "smaller" chapters to ante up and take on the responsibility. San Francisco State, Stanford, Pacific,'re next!

Has Regional hosting been an issue for you? Have schools limped their way out of it 'cause they don't have the stomach to host the big Annual...thoughts please.

Also, which port are ye headed to next Spring???

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